2019-2020 Basketball Game Watch Schedule

We made it to basketball season and it’s time to start gearing up for a new group of Tar Heels ready to make the run for the National Championship! #UNCAlumni, friends and family are invited to hang out and cheer on the Heels. It’s real casual, a lot of fun and a sea of Carolina blue. There’s nothing quite like hearing TAR … HEELS … across the bar or singing the alma mater after a win.

We are working on several locations for basketball game watches and will be at Juicy Lucy’s for some of them, as well as Sweeten Creek Brewing (who will be airing all the games even if we don’t have an official watch party), as well as possible watches at French Broad River Brewery and Cantina Louie’s!  As we all know Asheville is a hard place to lock down a location for (whether it’s weekly trivia getting in the way, or lack of food, it’s definitely not the easiest place to find a consistent game watch location), so stay tuned to your emails and Facebook for locations.

Unless we get an overwhelming response/RSVP we won’t be doing game watches for late regular season weekday games (both Duke games are on a Saturday this year) – please email us if you’d like to host/plan a late weekday game watch blueridgeunc@alumni.unc.edu

Tentative Initial Game Watch Schedule:

  • UNC vs. Notre Dame – Wednesday November 6 @ 7pm
  • UNC vs. Virginia – Sunday December 8 @ 4pm
  • UNC vs. UCLA – Saturday December 21 @ 3pm
  • UNC vs. GA Tech – Saturday January 4 @ 6pm
  • UNC vs. Clemson – Saturday January 11 @ 4:30pm
  • UNC vs. Miami – Saturday January 25 @ 12pm
  • UNC at NCSU – Monday January 27 @ 7pm
  • UNC at Florida State – Monday February 3 @ 7pm
  • UNC vs. Duke – Saturday February 8 @ 6pm
  • UNC at Louisville – Saturday February 22 @ 6 or 8pm
  • UNC at Duke – Saturday March 7 @ 6pm